Iris Baez never meant to become an activist. Kadiatou Diallo never meant to live in the United States, fighting for justice for her son. And Doris Busch Boskey never thought she'd become a spokesperson against police brutality. This film profiles three New York mothers who unexpectedly find themselves united to seek justice and transform their grief into an opportunity for profound social change.

Anthony Raymond Baez was killed during a pick-up football game on the streets of the Bronx in 1994, when a police officer put him in a stranglehold after accusing the group of being a gang. Amadou Diallo was unarmed when he was killed by four police officers who shot athim 41 times in the doorway of his apartment building.

Gary (Gidone) Busch was peppersprayed, surrounded and then shot to death by police while holding a small inscribed hammer, even though witnesses at the scene said it was clear he posed no threat to the officers. In all three cases, justice is hard to come by as officers and politicians work to cover up the facts and the courts prove unhelpful for families seeking justice. The victims' stories are tragic, and the courage subsequently shown by their mothers heroic. As one witness says, 'As long as there's a mother, we'll continue to fight.'